3 Things you Should do to make that Fitness Habit Stick with you.

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It’s quite easy to roll down something from a high place, while moreover, it’s quite difficult to roll up something to that high place.

Being into fitness for the last two years I have learned about how to work out, how much to work out, what to eat, what not to eat, which training plan should I follow, which routine will be better morning or evening.

But here’s that thing: Most of the people even after gathering this much of information from various sources, don’t apply to their routine. Having knowledge about how to optimize the diet and workout is helpful but it became more useful if you stick those plans.

There have been tens of thousands of studies showing how to build healthy habits, stick to a diet, and stay motivated to exercise. One person can have a look at those things to stay up motivated but here is the thing that I am sharing is my experience as to how I have built this routine habit and stay motivated from inside.

  1. How to Restrict yourself from the bad habit you have picked up

There is one of the common saying that willpower is like a muscle. It gets stronger and stronger when you put a strain on it. The truth is more complex. There is kind of mixed evidence on this as how many people can really improve on their self-control

metal analysis confirmed what successful dieters already know: you can effectively train yourself to avoid starting bad habits — like eating junk food — in the first place, but it’s much harder to try and stop doing them once you’ve started.

It’s like if you are eating fast food for lunch every weekday and you want to restrict your self from this habit. you might be thinking of quitting the lunch as you will feel quitting the lunch will eventually help you to restraint yourself from the fast food. But as I said earlier to you its much harder to try and stop doing the things which you have started. So here is the bad thing you might not be able to restrict yourself from eating fast food but what you can do is limiting eating of your favorite fast food to a specific day like only to lunch on Friday or at dinner on Sundays. The rest of the time for lunch you can have salads or anything which has more nutrients to be provided to your body.


2. Resist Temptations or not — Simple Avoid it

Saying “no” to a tempting bad habit might seem like a simple matter of self-control. But it turns out that people with high self-control may not necessarily be better at resisting temptation. They might just experience it less often in the first place.

Avoiding temptation usually requires changing your environment or your daily routine. Everyone can be benefitted from these simple practices, like not keeping the junk food in their home. But you may need to take a deeper look at where you experience temptation.

Avoiding Temptation still requires you to be mentally strong like if you have a habit of eating dessert after a lunch you just have at someplace. For finding the solution to this you might change your lunch location to some healthy restaurant where they didn’t have the dessert you liked.


3. Treating Willpower as an Unlimited resource(A power that never goes down)

The leading theory about willpower or self-control was something called “ego depletion”. Ego depletion portrays willpower as something like the stamina bar in a video game. It goes down when you use it, and you replenish it by resting (or consuming food and beverages).

While many of the things have been said about “How willpower is only limited resource only when you believe it is limited and will power is non-limited when you believe it is non-limited”

By the above statement, you can get the idea the way you think about willpower, it gonna be limited for those who think it is limited and nonlimited for those who think it is non- limited.

Just changing the way you think about willpower can help.

Once you start moving the tiredness eventually goes away and to make sure you are moving belive in your willpower take it the ultimate source of your motivation and workout even when you are feeling lazy. Start thinking of your willpower as an unlimited resource. Take the attitude that you don’t have to feel depleted of the ability to make a good choice unless you choose to let that happen.



Lastly, Sticking to a fitness program doesn’t need to be a constant uphill battle. When you understand the science of diet and fitness psychology, you can become a person who doesn’t need to think twice about eating healthy and making it to the gym.